The Compassionate King

Mark 1:35-45

Moved by compassion, Jesus came, and identified with humanity in our unclean state.  He didn’t stand at a distance and shout orders.  He got down into our world and identified with us.   Touching us.  Our text this week says instantly the leprosy disappeared, and the leper was healed.  What a wonderful picture of the instantaneous transformation of the gospel in our lives.

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Even Demons Believe

Mark 1:21-28

In our message this week in the Gospel of Mark, we see that even the demons believe in Jesus, but just believing isn’t the goal.  We see crowds being amazed by the miracles of Jesus, but being amazed isn’t the goal either.   Let the miracle of grace move you to love, to serve, to join the dance of love.

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God is Love

Mark 1:9-20

In our message this week in the Gospel of Mark, we see Mark pointing us to the knowledge that both the creation of the world AND the redemption of the world was a project of the triune God.  A God in three persons, who have loved one another for all time and eternity, and is now inviting us to join the dance.

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Compassionate Friends Fort Myers Chapter

When a child dies, at any age, the family suffers intense pain and may feel hopeless and isolated.   Refuge.Church is starting a Compassionate Friends chapter in Fort Myers to provide personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and to help others better assist the grieving family.

The secret of The Compassionate Friends success is simple: As seasoned grievers reach out to the newly bereaved, energy that has been directed inward begins to flow outward and both are helped to heal.  We call this bi-directional healing.

Why Baptism?

What are you waiting for?  Get up and be baptized.  Have your sins washed away by calling on the name of the Lord.’  (Acts 22:16)