What is a Church Refugee?

Community.  Fellowship.  Body.  Movement.  Gathering.  Alliance.  Society.  Union.  Fraternity.  Village.  Club.  Mob.  Clique.  Team.  Congregation.  Association.  Gang.  Ensemble.  Collection.  Family.  

I could come up with a pretty long list of words that have been used (and abused) over the years to describe church.  The fact is that Christianity isn’t meant to simply be believed; it’s meant to be shared, spoken, and lived out within community.   Try as we might, we can’t be Christians on our own.  We need a community.  We need a church.

Worshiping at the Gym

There seems to be a lot of worshiping going on at the gym. Maybe that’s why they have so many mirrors. Don’t you just hate those big muscle bound men constantly staring at themselves in the mirror, worshiping their bodies? I was thinking about this today. Then as I looked at my body, that I don’t like so much, in the mirror, I realized I’m doing the same thing … worshiping my insecurities. Worshiping myself.

Not for a Moment

I’ve dealt with back pain all of my adult life. It started in college and has continued to get worse over the years. I’m told I have several herniated discs and the spine of a 70 year old (I’m 37 years old). I’ve never been in an accident. The best anyone can tell, it’s simply bad genes. I’ve been able to manage it over the years with physical therapy, injections, stretching, and working out, all with varying degrees of success.