Amy West

Worship Pastor

I grew up in a christian home & went to Christian school from middle school through high school. I was surrounded by music my entire life because my dad & my grandpa loved music & played music & sang all of the time. I was on worship teams and felt early on that God was calling me to be a worship leader in some way shape or form.

I got the opportunity to go to a Christian university where I got to study music, lead worship in chapel, and even got the opportunity to sing in a traveling worship choir. I was so thankful to be there & felt God was going to grow me at that university & allow me to do great things.

But after a year of being there my family started going through some really tough times, so I was forced to move back to Fort Myers.  I was mad at God for the first couple of years because I saw all of my friends posting amazing things they were doing at the university and I was forced to be back in my hometown where I went into insurance full time.

I really didn’t understand why God had me back here or how he would use my worship leading skills.  God had a bigger plan.  I was a ministry leader for a small ministry in Fort Myers for 4 years where I got to lead worship every week.  I was also on the worship team at my home church where I frequently got to lead.  I was hired at the Culbertson Agency a couple of years ago, but still didn’t see how God could use my insurance career to lead worship.

Our agency owner Brian & his wife felt led to start Refuge, and they approached me to be the worship pastor.  I was really nervous and almost did not do it.

I’m so thankful I did.  Leading people in worship has always been my heart.  God has used and grown me so much at Refuge.Church!

Music is powerful.  I’m so thankful I get to use the gift of music to help bring others closer to Christ, and to bring glory to God.

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