Start a Movement in Under 3-Minutes

Is there a hole?  A yearning in your soul that you can’t quite pinpoint?   Perhaps that yearning is for something deeper, more meaningful, and more connected to God.  You are not alone in that search.  I have felt that yearning, and over and over again I hear others searching for it.

But, what is the yearning, and how do we find fulfillment?  For me the answer has been in deeper community, deeper study, and deeper service.  Perhaps that is the answer for you.  Perhaps you are ready to feed your soul with the solid food of Gods word, authentic community, and more meaningful service to the least of these.  That is what Refuge Church is about, and we would love to partner with you to go deeper.

A friend of ours, in fact the very first person we shared this idea of planting a church with, shared this funny video with us about starting a movement. Sometimes, all you need is a couple people, making a big stand, with a big vision, to create a movement!  We hope you’ll consider joining in and looking ridiculous with us.

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