The focus of the church should be Jesus.  Not a charismatic leader, not a building, not programming … JESUS.  Being a new church (est. 2016), we are attempting to build the culture that Jesus established and desires still today for our modern generation.  To be a people that extends scandalous grace.

This does not negate the work being done within other Fort Myers congregations.  Refuge is simply another outlet for those who can not find a home within those bodies, or who haven’t been reached by those movements.

  • Care more about pleasing God than pleasing people.
  • We are working towards a minimum of 50% of all giving Refuge receives, to go back out into our community with a focus on those marginalized by society …
    • Orphans (adoption & fostering)
    • Widows (single moms, sex-trafficking, the elderly)
    • Mental Health Disorders (addictions, hurts, habits)
  • Pillars of Focus
    • Deep Relationships
    • Deep Study
    • Deep Service
  • Focus missionally in SWFL with the following people groups:
    • The nones (un-churched)
    • The dones (de-churched)
    • The doubters (those wanting more than simplistic answers)
    • The hurting (counseling ministry)
    • The marginalized (by society and the church)
  • Decentralization of power to the congregation.  No one ministry leader should be the focus of the church.  We empower more, and validate non-traditional ministry.
    • All ministry leaders are bi-vocational (have careers outside the Church)
  • Biblical expository teaching, meant to not only preach the Word , but get believers into the Word themselves,
    • Synergy of weekly teachings across all age groups.  What is taught in our main adult gatherings, will be broken down and taught in our youth and children gathering time as well.  This will allow the entire family to have meaningful conversations through the week at all age levels.
    • Honesty in preaching/teaching.  We’re all human.  We’re all flawed. We’re all misfits.
  • Smaller worship environment, meant for intimate encounters with God.
    • Children to be involved in corporate worship (singing).
  • Non-political.
    • We are neither Republican nor Democrat, Conservative nor Liberal.  We are refugees living in a foreign land.
  • Sundays will be our Sabbath (day of rest).  There will be no formal Sunday programming.
  • A focus on partnership with other congregations (we are all one church).