Our Culture

Refuge is a safe place for ALL people to find, restore and explore their faith in Jesus and His Church. God loves all people, and so do we. We embrace diversity in race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical ability, and age.

These videos were recorded in 2020 (just as we returned from the Covid break) while we learned how to “livestream“.  You can not only learn about Refuge but enjoy watching the improvements week by week.

Week 1 // Misfit Church

This week we began a new 8-week series title Refuge.Basics.  As we dig into the culture of our church, what better place to start than to explore why we call ourselves MISFITS.  And as misfits, how that allows others to BELONG regardless of BEHAVIOR and BELIEVE.

Week 2 // Small Church

Most churches aren’t yearning for a small budgets; small congregations, small spaces;  but that’s the culture of Refuge.  We will never have the best show.  We can’t compete with U2; Hamilton;  Disney World.  Our weaknesses are evident as a purposely small church, and we see this as a calling and a gift from God.

Week 3 // Slow Church

Fast food is efficient, it’s reliable, it’s predictable and it’s incredibly unhealthy in large quantities. We desire to be, not fast church, but slow church because love, grace, compassion, mercy, justice and relationships take time to grow. We desire to be slow because we want to taste and see the complexity of God, not just our own salt.

Week 4 // Organic Church

There are several ways to tend your spiritual soil and stay rooted in the church. Whether that is studying the Gospel, loving your neighbor, or working in the community, your involvement is key.  At Refuge, we don’t have a staff and believe in growing organically, so how we grow as a church depends on you!

Week 5 // Restful Church

Rest is kind of our thing. Restful people are more focused, mindful, encouraging, gentle, and full of grace. The work of the church will never be done so rest is mission-critical in order to succeed.

Week 6 // Deep Church

What does it look like to be a SHALLOW church?  What does it mean to be a DEEP church? For us Misfits, it means going deep into our study in God’s word, building meaningful relationships with each other, and serving deeply in our community.  Let’s go deeper together!

Week 7 // One Church

If Jesus calls the church his bride (singular) then why are there so many denominations and variations? What separates us? What unites us?

Week 8 // Committed Church

A healthy church is about being committed to each other through the hard, ugly, vulnerable, and weird. It’s when you get bad news and the first people you think to reach out to are the people of your church. Or when you receive good news and you can’t wait to share it with those who have kept you in their prayers. It’s about dedicating time for the church because Christ and the church are one.