Joy to the world

Hillsong Worship

Deep Study.  Deep Relationships.  Deep Service.  The three pillars of ongoing discipleship at Refuge.Church as we allow the Holy Spirit to mold and shape our hearts.

This past week, we shook things up, to be sure what we do as we gather is not a show.  It was a beautiful (and at times a little messy) time of discussion and working through God’s word TOGETHER.  Everyone participated.  Building one-another up.  Sharing.  Learning.  Flexibility.  Everyone given an opportunity to speak.  Organic and emerging worship.  Mutual edification.

This week, while doing our more traditional worship gathering, I still want to encourage you to read and study the text in advance.  I’ve included some information below to help get you started.

Bible Text

Matthew 6:19-34

Recommended Additional Material

5 Lies Christians Tell About Money

Why Christians Aren’t Required to Tithe

Perspectives of Faith in the Kingdom of God

On Wealth and Worry

Tim Keller Sermon // Treasure vs. Money

Announcements (from 1.27.18 gathering)

Mission Trip Fund Raising

Sign up now to help raise funds for our summer mission trip right here in Fort Myers.  We will be working the concessions at the Boston Red Sox home spring training games, and receive back a portion of the profits (expecting to raise $12-13k).  Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board in the lobby, or contact Geoffe Lange.

Parents Night Out // February 10th

Beat the crowds for a Valentines dinner date and leave the kids with us at Refuge.  6:30-10:30pm.  $15 First Child. $10 Additional Child.  Infant to 12-Years old.  Must sign up before February 9th.  Includes dinner for kids.

High-School Night Out // February 14th

Headpinz Bowling and Lasertag.  For High-School students only.  6-8pm.  Please RSVP to Brian or Karen Culbertson prior to February 10th.  Advise if transportation is needed.

Prior Messages from this Series

Refuge.Church Series // The Gospel of Matthew


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