Genesis: Naked and (un)Afraid

On this Saturday evening, we looked at Genesis 3 and the fall of man.  Adam and Eve are living intimately with God.  They are naked and unashamed.  After believing the lies of the serpent, they feel vulnerable and exposed.  No longer believing they can be truly known and yet still loved.  So they hide.  

Maybe you’ve been there.  Caught in a lie.  Caught in an affair.  Browser history exposed.  Gossip gets back around.  You try to cover yourself with fig leaves.  Religion.  Anger,  Shame. Guilt.  So many layers it’s suffocating.

What’s the solution?  Check out the full recording from this weekend to discover the way we can live naked and unafraid before the Holy eyes of God.



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Written by Brian Culbertson

Sinner turned Saint because of Jesus.

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