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This past Saturday we continued our study through the Gospel of John to see what Jesus best friend had to say about his life and ministry. 90% of John’s Gospel is unique, including our story tonight of the Woman at the Well from Chapter 4.

We’re all thirsty.  We keep lugging our jugs to the well, looking for something to quench our thirst.  On the Cross, Jesus made a way for us to come to the well and take the water with us. 

John 4: Woman at the Well

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    Helen Stucky Weaver says:

    I appreciate what you have gone through and how you are telling the world to help all people get to the saving grace of the real Jesus Christ.

    Matthew 19-21 Wellness Weavers is the system to give away all that we have AND follow Jesus by retaining the right to age in place and become a functioning cell in the emerging Bride of Christ.

    Though I tried to give away everything I had by sharing it with the homeless poor, they did not know how to maintain it and they like to buy alcohol, drugs and tobacco with their extra money when they get a job and then lie to me. It pulled me into poverty. It did not cause me to lose my faith only to give away everything that I still had to those with a proven track record of serving the poor.

    Yesterday, I included your Refuge Church in the Wellness Weavers Trust Fund. To see if you want to accept the offer, visit the Wellness Weavers website. On the purpose page, scroll down to the Everyone Counts Game Show.

    I am very interested in your feedback about my art of costumed storytelling that weaves the threads of what people watched or told about the Wizard of Oz, Toothfairies, to the Bible and the “mysterious magic” of God’s love that became the Word made flesh and remains with us and in us as the GPS Gratitude Guidance Prayer Service of the Holy Spirit.

    The story of “Sister Sue, formerly known as the Witch of Kansas East” is about the woman at the well and what she had done with her everlasting life.

    The Wellness Weavers campus is in Wateville, Kansas…we welcome you to teach and preach to us via the web…or if you and your congregants are passing through, to arrange to see if we have space available to give you food and shelter and a place to worship and fellowship along the way.

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