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Our journey through Lent continues as Pastor David takes us on an exploration of prayer. There are over 650 prayers mentioned in the bible. 25 of those are instances where Jesus prayer. The apostle Paul discusses prayer 41 times in his epistles. But does it still have the transformative power in 2024 as it did all those thousands of years ago.

Pastor David shares pretty interesting findings from the book How God Changes Your Brain. Findings that show prayer not only enhances our brain’s neural functioning but also aids in our mental and physical health. Proving that long-term engagement with the Divine can reshape our brains and our moods, leading to more peace, more awareness, and more compassion.

This week we looked at Moses’ experience with prayer and fasting. Pastor David highlights the idea of “mountain top experiences.” He shares some of his own, while also focusing on the intimate moments Moses shared with God on the mountain top. Be challenged while you listen to Pastor David to reflect on your own moments of spiritual transcendence. How did those encounters with God shift your understanding of prayer?

We hope you see this message as an invitation to experience God’s glory first had. Just like Moses did standing on the mountain top. As we continue to walk through our Lenten journey, we hope you find unique ways of connecting with God through prayer. Be creative. Find God in solitude, or in nature, or in your toy littered living-room thanking God for your children.

Whether you’re seeking a mountain top experience, or just beginning to explore spiritual paths, this message is a beacon of hope an encouragement. Its more than a sermon, it’s a guide to deepening your relationship wit God through the simple, yet profound act of prayer!

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