My Story: Trent Dunn

What a special evening as Trent Dunn shared he and his wife Leesa’s story of God’s timing, sovereignty, and most of all His grace filled redemption.



If you’re in town, make it a priority to gather with your Refuge family 12.1 (this Saturday) for a conversation on RACE and the CHURCH.   We will not be recording this message, so you must be here to listen in on the conversation.  Our panel will include our very own Dwayne and Karyna Jackson, Jaime Taveras and Treneice Collins.






Matthew: Alternative Worship

On this Saturday night at Refuge, we didn’t do traditional worship (singing songs).  We didn’t preach a traditional sermon.  Instead, we sat up tables, gathered at those tables, and worshipped by discussing God’s Word together, and praying with and for one-another.

If you were unable to attend our alternative worship gathering, and would like to have this discussion in your small group, or understand the rational for alternative worship, my full notes are below.  (Brian)

Tonight we are exploring an alternative way to worship as a church at Refuge.  Or as one of the youth group kids referred to it this week …  Cringe-fest 2018.