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It’s the most important week, of the most important person who ever lived.  It’s a story that doesn’t need to be changed or enhanced with fancy lights or pounding on a pulpit.

We all have sinned.  We all will die. We can live forever.

Because … Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus rose again.

That’s the simple, intimate and humble story of Easter we shared together as a church this Easter Eve at Refuge.

Gathering Audio

Each Saturday night at Refuge.Church we study the Word of God together in a free flowing, partcipatory, and organic environment.  While you can learn from our weekly posting, you can only truly experience these gatherings in person.  Join us Saturday night at 5:30pm to worship God, and discover His grace together.

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    Bruce Westberry says:


    One time while reading Matthew 27, the story of Barrabbas struck me as odd. Why would the crowd want such a bad person as him released and want a totally innoent person like Jesus not just beathen, but killed? Then it struck me. I have Barabbas all wrong. It wasn’t him that was on trial before Pilate, it was me. Yes me! I was the one that was guilty of sin and deserved the sentence of death, not Jesus. I stood there on that stand deserving to die, but instead Jesus stepped in and took my place. He bore my punishment. When you look at it that way, it paints a totally different picture of that event. Imagine yourself in the place of Barabbas. The first time I realized this, it brought me to tears.

    By the way, look up the definition of Barabbas. It stands for “Son of Abba or God”. Isn’t that interesting, since we are all sons and daughters of God.

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