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Hillsong Worship

This week we continue in the conversion story of Saul as another character enters the story; a guy by the name of Ananias.  Saul has been out to destroy the Christians, yet the first word here hears after his encounter with Jesus is … BROTHER.

Enemy number one of the Church when he meets the Christians in Damascus, he isn’t treated like a stranger (which would have been kind enough).   He’s not even just treated like a friend.  For the first time in Saul’s life he’s now a part of a community who understands how deeply they are forgiving.  So much so, that they can turn to someone like Saul, and welcome him with open arms into the family of God.

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Each Saturday night at Refuge.Church we study the Word of God together in a free flowing, partcipatory, and organic environment.  While you can learn from our weekly posting, you can only truly experience these gatherings in person.  Join us Saturday night at 5:30pm to worship God, and discover His grace together.

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