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Have you ever found yourself running from God, trying to escape his presence? In this week’s message, Nicole walks us through a though-provoking perspective on the story of Jonah, highlighting the deeper message of grace, mercy, and redemption found within this familiar tale. Nicole uses humor to remind us that his story is not just about a man, a boat, a storm, or a fish — but of finding God’s grace in the deep.

In this message we explore the idea that Jonah’s encounter with the fish may not have been as immediate as we’ve been taught or believed. What if the fish was delayed, and Jonah actually was drowning? This kind of decent is a metaphor for Jonah’s spiritual journey and a profound separation from God, that ultimately led him to the belly of Sheol… at the gates of death.

BUT GOD… Even in the belly of Sheol, on the brink of death, and eternal separation, God provides a way for Jonah to be saved.

You’ll be encouraged to recognize your own sin and the storms it creates. But more than holding up a mirror to our own flaws, the story of Jonah holds up God’s great mercy and love. That even while we were dead in our sin, he sent his son to die for us — to pay the debt we could never pay — as we find Grace in the Deep.

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