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In a world filled with unsolved mysteries, unanswered questions, and unended stories, the book of Jonah offers us a unique perspective of a story ending without any real closure. This week we finish our journey through Jonah as Nicole sheds some light on the DEEP meaning this unanswered unended story holds for us modern day readers.

The book of Jonah challenges the human need for closure, often leaving it’s readers with more questions than answers.

Jonah is real person grappling with complex emotions and struggles. Throughout this series we’ve seen his disobedience, his separation from God, his experience with grace, and his 8-word sermon to the Ninevites. All leading to the crucial moment when God holds back his anger, and forgives the violent-heartless-godless-pagans in Nineveh.

In Jonah’s selfish anger we see God continue to work in his life. God doesn’t give up on Jonah simply because he’s having a human experience. He graciously and patiently waits while Jonah (hopefully) learns and grows.

This is the beauty of Jonah, and our faith journey; that things get left unanswered and unended so that we keep coming to God in our anger, frustration, disappointment, rejoicing, celebration, and thankfulness. Even in all of our humanity, God desires relationship with ALL of His creation.

Read ALL of Jonah Here!

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