Joy to the world

Hillsong Worship

This week we continue our journey expectant waiting, as we reflect on HOPE! Pastor Brian dives into the heart of the Advent season, as we anticipate and prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Understanding the bible is like a puzzle. Patience is required to put the pieces together and see the bigger picture. Brian shows the importance of seeing the bigger picture of God’s story. Brian walks us through stories from the Old Testament. This journey shows us that they are not just ancient tales but integral pieces of the grand puzzle that point us to Jesus. From the creation story in Genesis to the promises made to Abraham, and the prophecies of Isaiah and Micah. Showing us that from the beginning of creation there was HOPE!

Now, we invite you to reflect on this idea; Hope is not passive longing but a powerful force that shapes our presents! Hope guides us towards a future filled with God’s promises.

The Christmas story is rooted in love and hope. It is a culmination of all the hopes and prophecies of the Old testament. Christmas It is not a story that ends when Jesus is born. But it continues on through his life, death, and resurrection. Bringing Hope and redemption to ALL PEOPLE!

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