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It’s a new year! We made it! We’ve arrived in 2024 with 365 days and 8,760 hours of possibilities. Most of us will even make a new year resolution! A big problem with resolution is that they have a high failure rate. We set out to lose weight, save money, read more, etc… then get to the end of the year feeling unaccomplished. New year resolutions are not inherently bad. It’s good to want to improve and better yourself. But what is the central focus of a resolution?… ourselves!

This year Refuge is starting the new year with a new series titled “Refocus: Fixing Our eyes On Jesus.” Instead of new year resolutions, we want to be intentional about aligning our daily actions with JESUS.

In 2024 we want to be intentional about dropping the “checklist chase.” Instead put Jesus at the center of our lives. So that we can be more flexible and less rigid. And we can appreciate the process rather than hustle towards results. Finally, so we can align our values with the only thing that matter; Jesus.

This series will highlight. the difference between resolutions, which are about control and productivity. And intentions, which are about surrender and alignment with Jesus. Be encouraged listeners to start each day asking how they can see, serve, and reflect Jesus in their actions. Living intentionally in this way is more impactful than any list of resolutions.

“Intentions rooted in Christ, are more powerful than any resolution.” – Brian Culbertson

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