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Refocus // Relationships

This week we explored the significance of relationships in our latest sermon in our Refocus series! Pastor Nicole dives into the important role of relationships in our lives. And how fixing our eyes on Jesus can guide us in building meaningful and healthy connections.

PIVOT!!! Are you fan of “Friends?” No? That’s okay! Do you have friends in your life who would help you carry a couch up 4 flights of stairs? A you that kind of friend? None of us are perfect. But we follow the One who is. And in this message we see how Jesus embodies the perfect friend and mentor. Showing us qualities we can work for in all of our relationship.

It’s not uncommon to struggle to form meaningful connections. Whether we suffer from social anxiety, have been deeply wounded by people, or we’re just plain introverted. Forming deep, lasting connections is tough work. But we see from the very beginning that we’ve been divinely designed for community. Genesis 2:18 shows us how God intentionally made humanity to love, support, and help each other. But Why?

Why did God create us for community? We can find part of that answer in John 15. Jesus calls his disciples friends. And he tells them to love one another, the way He loved us. We’ve been created for relationships so that we can go into al the world, and make disciples. Teaching people to love the way Jesus first loved us.

The Challenge:

  • Think of 3 people in your life who you can disciple!
  • Seek out deep relationships with your Refuge.Family! (or whatever church you call home!)
  • Ask God to show you how you can repair broken relationships.

Fixing our eyes on how much Jesus loved us.
So that we can love one another and produce lasting fruit!

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