Joy to the world

Hillsong Worship

Pastor David wraps up our Acts B.C. series with a powerful message about the strength of the early church. Pastor David takes a trip down memory lane reminding us of some terrible fads we suffered through. Remember water beds, planking, blond tips for guys? Well your favorite pastor does! Fads come and go, with the classic saying: “it’s just a phase!”

Meeting after Meeting…

Have you ever sat through a meeting and though; “this could have been an email?” As David dives into this weeks story he explains how each failed attempt to stop the apostles started with a meeting! The more the apostles preached, the angrier the “Jedi Council” became. So, in a fit of jealousy and desperation they arrested the apostles and threw them into Jail.

Prison Break!

Imagine being the guards tasked with locking up the apostles! You are big and bad and confident. Then, in an instant they’re gone and now you have to deliver some terrible news: A PRISON BREAK! (Oh My!) Not only had they been freed from prison by an angel, but the went back to the spot where they had been arrested and KEPT PREACHING!
Peter boldly stands up to the pharisees and says: “I know what you said, but we won’t stop!” The mission of the apostles is clear – preach the good news to the ends of the earth! Therefore, go into the world and take the gospel to ALL PEOPLE!

Just a Fad?

In yet another meeting, the pharisees are perplexed by the stubbornness of the apostles. So, they decide to beat and imprison the apostles once again. Thankfully, Gamaliel steps in. As a respected religious leader he argued that their movement would fizzle out; “It’s just a phase!” he says. However, it was not just a phase, and it wasn’t just a fad. The apostles had a strong faith and true power from the Holy Spirit. So, they were able to endure against meetings, arrests, and beatings. Showing us that true faith and power that comes in the name of Jesus is more powerful than anything this world has to throw at it!

The truth is, if it were just a fad, it would have died out. However, the gospel of Jesus didn’t die out and it continues to grow still 2000 years later. Refuge Church is a product of the early followers of Jesus. Here we are. And Jesus is still moving.

So, let us keep moving forward with boldness. Loving Jesus and loving ALL PEOPLE. If we continue to love and act like Jesus, like the early church, nothing will be able to stop us!

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