I’ll rest when I’m dead

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church, Pastor Jaime Taveras closed out our series on the 10 Commandments. It is commandment number 4: Remember the Sabbath. After God created the universe, he rested. Do you remember to take a rest? Pastor Jaime explores this and many other things in his message, so check it out!

Exodus 20:8

Cheaters never win

Lead teacher Brian continued our look at the 10 Commandments on Saturday night at Refuge. Specifically commandment number 7, which says ‘You Must Not Commit Adultery’. This one can be a bit uncomfortable, as we look closely at the exact meaning. When difficult subjects come up in the God’s Word, we can’t just avoid them. This one is important, make sure you give it a listen.

Exodus 20:14

Five Finger Discount

This past week at Refuge Church, lead teacher Brian continued our series on the 10 Commandments. This week our commandment was ‘Do Not Steal’. This seems like a pretty simple one, but it requires so deep self-examination. Are you stealing from God without realizing it?

Exodus 20:15

God for the Turned Off

Saturday night at Refuge, guest speaker Matt Podrasky continued our look at the 10 Commandments. It’s important to not only follow the letter of the law, but the heart of the law as well. Commandment Number 9 tells us not to lie, and Commandment Number 10 tells us not to lust. As Christians, we appear hypocritical if we break God’s law. Matt gives us some tips on how to not be a hypocrite, plus some encouragement if you’ve already been turned off by Christians that are hypocrites. Give it a listen!

Exodus 20:16 & 17

Ten Commandments: Honor Your Parents

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church lead teacher Brian Culbertson taught on the commandment to honor our father and mother. This fifth commandment acts as a bridge between the first four (our relationship with God) and the final five (our relationship with others).

We all have different feelings towards our parents. Some good, some bad, some indifferent … but there is no exception clause for this command. It applies to all children at all times. Yes, this means you!!!

Commandment # 5; Honor Your Father & Mother

Ten Commandments: Do Not Murder

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church, special guest speaker Scott Morrison bought us the message. The 6th commandment instructs us to “not murder”. We can all agree that taking a human life is wrong. This message looks at how we kill our own spiritual lives by the hatred and anger we have for one another. Scott also gives us a few practical ways to change our destructive thought patterns towards one another.

Exodus 20:13

What kind of stone?

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church, Pastor Jaime talked about God’s people crossing the Red Sea…with a little help from The LORD. God is about to bring them into a new Relationship with himself. The questions we have to ask ourselves is this….What kind of stone is Jesus for you? A stumbling stone, or a precious stone?

Exodus 14

Who is God? Why should I listen to Him?

This past Saturday night at Refuge, our Lead Teacher Brian talked about Moses’ confrontation with the Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses tells Pharaoh to let God’s people free from slavery. Pharaoh has an interesting response — ‘Who is God? And why should I listen to him?’ That’s the same question we all have to ask ourselves. How do you respond?

Exodus 5 – 12