We Are Jonah: The Storm

Last week we left Jonah running in the opposite direction of the people God told him to deliver HIS message to in Nineveh. But we can't outrun God and HIS plans!  Tonight in Jonah 1:4-17 we learn how we can't escape through Apathy or our own Efforts, but we need to Surrender and trust God's plans--even when we don't understand.

We Are Jonah: Running

Jonah was a prophet of God, responsible for bringing God's message to the people. The word of the Lord comes to Jonah in the first verse of the book, BUT Jonah isn't too thrilled with the message God wants him to deliver to Israel's enemies in Nineveh. Bring a message of redemption to his enemies? No Way--Jonah decides to run away from God AND His message. We might be tempted to laugh at Jonah's silliness--trying to outrun God--until we realize that "We Are Jonah".  Who is your "Nineveh"? Are you willing to bring them the message a love, instead of continuing in your hate?