The Book of Acts: Athenian Idol

At Refuge Church last Saturday night, Pastor Brian talked about The Apostle Paul’s Missionary Journey through Athens. He’s disturbed by the number of man made idols he sees. We tend to think of idols as little statues, but anything can become an idol in our lives, from our Kids to our cellphones. An Idol is anything that comes before God. What is an idol in your life?

Acts 17:16-34

Gospel of John: Breakfast with Jesus

This past Saturday evening at Refuge Church Pastor Brian talks about the last chapter of the Book of John. After the resurrection, Jesus appears to the disciples while they are fishing. He prepares a meal for them on the shore, and asks Peter the question “Do you love me?”. It seems like a simple question, but he asks 3 times. Seriously….how would YOU answer?

John 21:1-25

Gospel of John: Easter

Since Christmas, we’ve been reading through and studying the Gospel of John as a Church. We’ve not only gotten to know Jesus and better see his beauty, but we’ve also gotten to know the author John a little as well. He writes like a poet, using words to give us an intimate glimpse of his friend and Savior.

At Refuge.Church, we have the unique position of gathering on Saturday nights, and so this year Pastor Brian tells the story of that dark and long Saturday from John’s perspective. Confusion. Doubt. So many raw emotions. But they all end with the three greatest words in history. HE IS RISEN.

Gospel of John: Easter Weekend

Gospel of John: The Habit of Prayer

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church was a holy night. A night set apart from our regular worship gatherings, as we looked the perhaps the holiest words in the New Testament, a prayer of Jesus just before his death on the cross. In John 17, we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between God the Son to God the Father.

And, we began a new habit of prayer together as a church. A commitment to pray together morning, noon and night. Listen to the full message (we also included the worship time at the end). Then refer below for complete instructions for our daily corporate prayer time together.

John 17

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Daily Corporate Prayer (together as a church)

  • 8am // Pray for Yourself
  • 12pm // Pray for Refuge
  • 6pm // Pray for The Church

Gospel of John: The Way, Truth and Life

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church we continued in the Gospel of John. Jesus is giving a new horizon. Heaven. A place He (the creator of everything in the known universe) is going to ahead of us and preparing a room in the Father’s house for His children. A room that would make the Four Seasons look like a tent in my backyard. Thomas says … that’s great, but we don’t know how to get there. Jesus responds … I am the way, and the truth and the life.

The Gospel of John: Chapter 14