The first thing people knew about Christians is that all walks of life gathered together and devoted themselves to the apostles teachings, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.  Our weekly worship gatherings are on Saturday nights.  These gatherings are a time of singing, teaching, eating, prayer and conversation.

Our gatherings are meant to develop an awe of God, not our building, style, or personalities.

Formal Worship Gatherings

  • 5:00 pm – 5:30pm // Children & Adult Social Time
  • 5:30pm – 6:30pm // Singing & Teaching

During the worship (singing) time Adults and Kids will be together, and then separate for teaching that is age appropriate.  Middle-school and up will participate in the adult teaching.

Our Saturday night worship gatherings are meant to remind us that there’s something more important in this life than our momentary pleasures; God’s Glory.

Impromptu Gatherings

We hope for many impromptu gatherings to further build and strengthen our relationships and community.  These would be low key, simple events like someone is having a pitch in dinner at their home, another group is meeting this week at the beach, while another is gathering to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket.  Simply a time to be a family and hang out (and probably build some pretty deep relationships).  These aren’t so much small groups, as they are open invitations to events that all are free to join, but no one is obligated

We can’t build relationships unless we spend time with one another in meals, prayer, study, service and having fun.  Let’s be organic and fluid, low pressure, decentralized, and allow relationships to flourish.  An informal gathering of 8 people discussing God, counts just as much as a formal “church program.”  Dinner out with another couple; a play date at the park; old fashioned supper clubs; yoga; jam sessions … you get the drift.

It’s about bringing together our daily lives and our church lives, and allowing them to become one.