At Refuge our ambition is to not have a set style of music, but to have an eclectic mix.  We approach worship intimately.  There are no fog machines or light shows.  Our worship isn’t catered to any single age group or ethnicity.  We attempt to create a worship environment for anyone who desires to be intimate with God.

For many of us, music is one of the ways we connect and commune with God.  Singing is such an emotional activity. We sing when we’re happy. We sing when we’re sad.

Singing requires the use of our physical equipment. Posture. Breathing. Listening. Making sound. Energy. Our voices can rise in a triumphant SHOUT.  Cry out in anguish.  Or tremble in anticipation. Singing is that rare activity that has the unique ability to involve our entire person as we come together, step down from our thrones and surrender to a glorious and gracious King.

Enjoy this live recording from a recent Night of Worship at Refuge.Church.