Teaching & Music

Refuge has been blessed with a teaching and worship TEAM. No single person being the focus so that the focus is Jesus. Through music and teaching you will be reminded that you are a loved child of God. That you have been saved by His grace. And that you are called to do good works in His name.


We take a team approach to teaching. Our team includes Founding Pastor Brian Culbertson, lead Pastor John Peterson , and teaching Ministers David Thomas and Nicole Earp.

Regardless of who is at the “pulpit” the teaching will be straight from Bible and point to Jesus.  We believe if any teaching does not point us to Christ’s grace, then we’ve gotten lost somewhere along the way.  We will push the envelope and ask the hard questions.  We explore doubt, grief, addiction, psychology, sociology, science, love, life, death and everything in between.

Sample Teaching


Refuge has a large rotation of singers and musicians on our worship team with music ranging from acoustic sets to full band experiences. There are no fog machines. We don’t use backing tracks. Everything is 100% raw and live. We attempt to create an honest environment where everyone has opportunity through music to get intimate with God and lost in the amazing grace of Christ Jesus.

Our Current Worship Music at Refuge