Teaching & Music

Being smaller gives us permission to explore the possibilities and advantages of size when it comes to teaching and music.


Pastor Brian teaches 80% of the time.  On the other 20%, in keeping with our organic approach, other leaders and members of the congregation serve our church teaching.  Regardless of who is at the “pulpit” the teaching will be from Bible and will point to Jesus.  We avoid politics or getting too far off into the weeds of non-essentials.  Instead, focussing God’s grace and its implications for our lives.  That doesn’t mean we don’t push the envelope or ask the deep questions.  We explore doubt, grief, addiction, psychology, sociology, love, life, death and everything in between.

Sample Teaching


Refuge has a rotation of singers and musicians on our worship team with our music ranging from acoustic sets to full band experiences. There are no fog machines or light shows.  We don’t use backing tracks.  Everything is 100% live.  We attempt to create an honest environment where everyone has opportunity to use words and music to worship their King.

Our Current Rotation of Worship Music at Refuge