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This week we learn about what to expect when we’re expecting! Pastor Nicole brings to life the Day of Pentecost from Acts 2. In this sermon on expectancy, pastor Nicole emphasizes the importance of living with a mindset rooted in faith and active anticipation of God’s promises.

What kid of packer are you?

With summer right around the corner lots of folks are preparing for vacations and relaxations. When you get ready for a trip, are you meticulous planner or a last minute packer? (pastor Nicole is that latter.) Neither is more right than the other, because they both are living from a place of expectancy. Both are actively anticipating for what is to come.

The Day of Pentecost

The Day of Pentecost was a significant celebration. Ancient Jews celebrated the giving of the Law to Moses. It was a day marked with expectancy for those still waiting on the Messiah. This day was marked with a heightened spiritual anticipation for both Jews and followers of Jesus. The Jews anticipating the Messiah. The believers anticipating the Holy Spirit. The early believers were living with an active expectancy as they waiting on Jesus’ promise. Living this way can change everything. It can change the way we navigate our relationships. It transforms the way we study and worship together. Living with expectantly creates an environment that is open and ready for the Holy Spirit to work. So, in order to birth new life we must move from passive waiting to active engagement.

Embrace the active expectancy that God is at work, even when the outcome is not yet visible. Let this sermon guide you to a deeper, more engaged faith journey.

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