Parable of the Sower

Mark 4:1-20

When you truly seek to HEAR God’s Word and let it take root, it will transform your desires, your hopes, your dreams, your response to trials, the pursuits of your life, the way you raise your kids, the way you love your spouse.  It will produce a bountiful harvest.

Sermon Full Audio

Jesus v. Religion

Mark 2:23-3:6

Due to some technical difficulties, we only recorded a portion of the audio from this message (2nd half), however, the full written manuscript follows, and as an added bonus, this week we’ve also included the audio for our time of worship together.

Partial Sermon Audio

Night of Worship

This week we took a break from our study of the Gospel of Mark and simply spent time in worship through song.

Singing is such an emotional activity.  We sing when we’re happy.  We sing when we’re sad.  Singing requires the use of our physical equipment.  Posture.  Breathing.  Listening.  Making sound.  Energy.  Our voices can rise in a triumphant SHOUT, cry out in anguish or tremble in anticipation.  Singing is that rare activity that has the unique ability to involve our entire person as we come together and that the center of ALL things is a glorious and gracious King, and that we are not that king.

We hope you enjoy (and sing along and worship along with) this full audio recording of a very special night at Refuge.Church.

Full Audio of our Winter 2017 Night of Worship

The Compassionate King

Mark 1:35-45

Moved by compassion, Jesus came, and identified with humanity in our unclean state.  He didn’t stand at a distance and shout orders.  He got down into our world and identified with us.   Touching us.  Our text this week says instantly the leprosy disappeared, and the leper was healed.  What a wonderful picture of the instantaneous transformation of the gospel in our lives.

Sermon Audio

Even Demons Believe

Mark 1:21-28

In our message this week in the Gospel of Mark, we see that even the demons believe in Jesus, but just believing isn’t the goal.  We see crowds being amazed by the miracles of Jesus, but being amazed isn’t the goal either.   Let the miracle of grace move you to love, to serve, to join the dance of love.

Sermon Audio

God is Love

Mark 1:9-20

In our message this week in the Gospel of Mark, we see Mark pointing us to the knowledge that both the creation of the world AND the redemption of the world was a project of the triune God.  A God in three persons, who have loved one another for all time and eternity, and is now inviting us to join the dance.

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