Brian Culbertson

Teaching PastorI was the guy who grew up mormon.  I was the guy in college who left all religion behind.  I was the guy with an office near a MegaChurch that would joke that someday they would all drink the blue Kool-Aid.

I was the guy who moved to Florida, and started showing up to church because of the free child care (and on more than one occasion left to go to Starbucks, while the nursery watched my kid).

I was the guy who would show up late to avoid shaking hands, sit on the back row, and leave early to escape having to talk to anyone.

How did I end up as a pastor at Refuge.Church?

Jesus happened!!!  And he flipped my world upside down.

As followers of Christ we are called to GO … make disciples … multiply.   I’m just a broken misfit bringing what I have to the table.

For many years, my wife Karen and I felt called to full time ministry.  For a time we thought it would be international missions, but God seemed to be calling us to do something right here at home in Fort Myers.

Karen went back to school to earn a Masters in Counseling as her heart grew for those struggling with mental illness.  I started attending seminary, and fell even more in love with God’s Word and the Gospel, and wanted to share that love with others.

Our day jobs (insurance agency owners) allow us the flexibility and financial support to work bi-vocationally in ministry, so we helped start Refuge.Church, and I now serve as the lead teaching pastor, while my wife Karen serves as the counseling pastor.

Karen and I are High-School sweethearts (married 20 years now).  We live in Alva with our three girls (Kennedy, Presley & Emery), two Labrador Retrievers, two cats (I don’t even like cats) and a new poodle.  Our home is a zoo!!!  My favorite book of the Bible is Romans, and my favorite verse is 8:1.

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