Joy to the world

Hillsong Worship

It is our desire to be 100% open and transparent with the shared resources of Refuge. Our goal is to be like the trustworthy servants from the Parable of the Talents. We understand that everything we have as a church is a gift that we have received, not something we earned or achieved. So, our job is to be good stewards  of what we’ve been given and make sure we give back to our Master a return on His investment, and to do our part to create heaven on earth.

  • Caring for the Vulnerable

    • Orphans // Support and assistance in fostering and adoption.
    • Widows // Assistance, emotional support, and Refuge for single parents and those who have endured abuse.
  • Empathy for the Marginalized

    • Standing with those Battling Mental Disorders and Addictions
    • Advocating for those who have been marginalized and forgotten by society.

We post our statement of financial activity (income & expense statement)  for complete transparency of our shared resources.

Financial Statements

Year-End 2017

Year End 2018

Year End 2023