Psalm 40: A New Song

Saturday evening at Refuge Church, our Lead Teacher Brian concluded the Summer of Psalms by diving into Psalm 40, which speaks of a plethra of emotions. The underlying theme is that God is always Good.

Psalm 911

Refuge Church's Saturday evening service featured Pastor Brian talking about Psalm 91:1, which is known as the 911 Psalm. Where do you find refuge for yourself when you face the difficulties of life? Psalms 91

First Birthday (w/Psalm 23)

Psalm 23 is probably the most well known chapter in the book of Psalms.  Our Good Shepherd -- Jesus, is the head of the church and  if we are to be HIS body we need to commit ourselves to be shepherds in our community -- HIS hands and feet on earth. Tonight during the 1st Birthday of Refuge Church, Brian leads us through a closer look at this Psalm and the way of the "shepherd." 

Psalm 90

A prayer of Moses, the man of God–this is how Psalm 90 is titled. In this Psalm Moses has great wisdom to impart to us, wisdom he gained through personal experience. Moses realizes too late that his disobedience cost him the Promised Land, but its not too late for the next generation. Teach us tonight Lord to appreciate the brevity of life, so that we might grow in wisdom.

Psalm 73 // The Doubters Psalm

Doubt is normal and in many cases maybe even beneficial--doesn't sound like something you should hear in church, does it?  As Psalm 73 begins, our Psalmist is overcome with doubt, so much so that he states, "My feet were slipping, and I was almost gone."  We are confused by a world where the evil seem to proser and the good suffer, does God even know what's happening? These questions and doubts are what we examine tonight as we look at Psalm 73.

Psalm 139

No matter where we go we can't run away from God--that should be a comfort to us, right? We are blessed to have a God who is omniscient and omnipresent, but as Psalm 139 begins it seems as if the writer is feeling smothered by our ever present/all knowing God.  This Psalm can be confusing--is it a lament or a song of praise?  Tonight we will find out as we dive into Psalm 139.

Psalm 1

This week we start our Summer Study of the Psalms in Psalm 1.  The beauty and poetry of this book is often referred to as songs and encompasses the whole of human emotions. Psalm 1 helps us answer the question--What is happiness and where can it be found? It only takes 6 verses for us to learn what it means to truly be a "Blessed Man".