Why Saturday?

The vision of Refuge.Church is to be a place for those who do not currently have a church home.  We’ve found that many who are not in a habit of attending a weekly church gathering, find it difficult to create that new habit, especially on Sunday mornings.

Saturday works well for those who have busy schedules, those who work on Sundays, and/or those who want a true Sunday Sabbath (rest).

Having Saturday evening services leaves Sunday as a day with no programming.  This helps us avoid the danger that Refuge become defined simply by activity. If we are just defined by our activity then we can end up with lots of burnt out, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted people. Not really what Jesus had in mind when he said that his yoke was easy and his burden was light.

For my family Saturdays are busy.  The day usually starts with soccer for three kids and ends with trying to grab dinner out because we’ve ran out of food in the house.  A Saturday night re-charge is often just what I need to make it through the weekend, and make my burden a little lighter.

Activity in our culture no longer stops on Sundays.  Yet the majority of churches continue to hold Sunday morning services.  We’ve made the purposeful decision to focus all of our corporate gathering energy towards Saturday evenings, to provide an alternative to Sundays.  We do understand that this may not work for all, and in those instances we can certainly help connect those folks to any number of Sunday morning congregations.

Written by Brian Culbertson

Sinner turned Saint because of Jesus.

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