Joy to the world

Hillsong Worship

As we approach the Thanksgiving season It’s time to step into a space of reflection. This week Brian kicks of our NEW SERIES: Thank You God. In his message, Brian invites us all on a journey to discover the power of gratitude. Especially when life seems to be a series of unending challenges // In Chaos!

“Thank You God — In Chaosis the title of this week’s message. Brian invites us to anchor ourselves in the belief that even in chaos, there are reasons to be grateful. Through his inspiring words, you’ll discover how gratitude can serve as your compass through life’s stormiest and most chaotic times. This message reminds us to acknowledge the good and thank God for all He has done.

This sermon is a testament to the strength that comes from our faith. It highlights how a thankful heart and worship can act as a beacon of light amidst chaos. In times of turmoil, there are opportunities for personal growth and strengthening our faith.

We hope this series is a beacon of hope this holiday season. Yes, chaos is around every corner, but a harvest always comes. Yes, waiting can feel like an eternity, but a harvest always comes.

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