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Memorial Day Gathering

Memorial Day weekend, there will be no services at Refuge.  Instead there will be various service opportunities over the course of the weekend (on-site and off), and a good old fashioned Potluck and Church social at the Culbertson Home (18180 N Olga Dr., Alva, FL) Saturday night from 4-8pm.  Bring a favorite dish and dress comfortably. You can sign up for the Potluck HERE.  Soccer, kayaking, swimming and conversation.  For more details email the Church office.



Due to YOUR generosity, we are able to support these organizations not only as volunteers but also financially.
* Into the Jordan // $1000/month
* Hoops on Mission // $500/month
And we announced the launch of the Refuge Adoption Fund with an initial contribution of $10,000. For this fund, we will be working out the “vetting” process for fund distribution soon, but it’s purpose is to support Refuge members, who have a desire to adopt a child (US or International). We will also soon open up giving SPECIFICALLY to this fund. Good, good things happening due to the financial generosity of our body!!!


MS/HS Summer Camp

We have a Middle School and a High School group going to Summer Camp at Lake Aurora:

July 2-7    For 5th, 6th & 7th Grade

July 9-14   For 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grade

Email Tania Lange for more information about these dates.

There are many other dates available for children starting as early as 2nd grade.  For dates and information check out the Lake Aurora Summer Camp Schedule.


Friday Night May 26th

Service Opportunities:
1 – Hoops on Mission, Friday Night Light. Dwayne already has a substantial volunteer base for these evenings, but if you’d like to check it out for yourself, or just show up to love and talk to some kids, then it’s at the Stars Complex from 7-10pm.
2 – Maintenance at Refuge @ 6p. We’ve got a few projects (i.e. fixing our chairs so they interlock, cleaning, replacing batteries in emergency lights, etc) that need to be done. The more people we have, the faster the work will be. If you have a cordless screwdriver/drill bring it. If not, bring a regular screw (Phillips) driver.
3 – On your own. Serving doesn’t always have to be a PLANNED event. Sometimes serving as a family is good. Sometimes, just letting God lead you somewhere is good. It’s Memorial Day weekend. Serve a Vet, or their family.

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