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The Barbie Movie

Follows stereotypical Barbie, who lives a seemingly perfect life alongside other Barbies and Kens in Barbie Land. In this world the Barbies have to prestigious careers, like doctors, lawyers, professors, teachers, and politicians… and the Kens they mostly hang out on the beach, considering beaching their profession. One night at a dance party, barbie starts to worry about getting old, she’s having dark and depressive thoughts. Wondering about death and dying. When she wakes up the next morning she has bad breath, cellulite, and flat feet. This sends Barbie into an existential crisis cause her question everything she knows. All she wants is life to go back to normal. Barbie and Ken travel to the real world to try and fix the problem – CHAOS ENSUES.

Welcome to Refuge!

Are you wondering why Barbie? Well Pastor Nicole is… well she’s unique! She likes the unconventional narratives that challenge the status quo and push people to think deeper! And she has prepared a three-week-miniseries to show us there is more to The Barbie Movie than meets the eye!

Barbie’s journey through her existential crisis can mirror our spiritual journey. It’s easy to live in “utopia.” When you believe that you believe, think, and do all the correct things and have our faith, our world view, and belief systems all figured out. But then life happens, and we’re jolted away by some of it’s harsh realities. It’s in those moments of discomfort that we can evaluate who we are, and the doors to growth are opened.

Through Barbie’s journey we’re going to remind ourselves that deconstruction [losing our religion, reconstruction, questioning, learning, renovation, reassessment, reexamination, analysis, exploration, restoration… insert your preferred verb] is a life-long, never-ending journey. Continually working to align our lives with the principles of love, justice, inclusivity, and mercy that Jesus embodied.

So, whether your a Barbie enthusiast of a skeptic, we invite you on this journey of exploration and reflection. Who knows, we all might find some unexpected insights in an unlikely place!

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