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So often in the middle of our spiritual journeys a pivotal moment that calls us to sift through to relics of tradition and find the essence of truth faith. As we get closer to Easter, Pastor Brian is taking us on a reflective journey in a series he’s calling “Losing My Religion.”

According to Pastor Brian he’s been writing this message for the last seven years. He feels as though this series is the culmination of his life in ministry. In this message, Brian challenges the notions that have dramatically divided us through history. Religion has often been the root cause of many tragic events in history, from crusades, to genocide. All while misusing scripture to justify atrocious and violent behavior.

In 2024 most of us are sick of religion. However, the beautiful truth is that so was Jesus! There is hope to be found as we explore the life and teachings of Jesus. Yes, at times he did critique the religious establishments. But, he also embodied radical love and inclusivity that goes far beyond our human understanding.

We’re not trying to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” Our goal at Refuge is to move away from performative religiosity and be moved into action by the transformative love of Jesus. Join us in this journey of awakening. As we get closer to Easter, and Jesus act of unconditional love we want to lose our religion. Not to be better than anyone, but to find a deeper and more authentic way to live out our faith.

Let our faith be a living, breathing testament to the hope and forgiveness Jesus offers. A faith tat heals, unites, and awakens us to the beauty of our shared humanity!

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