Ten Commandments: Do Not Murder

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church, special guest speaker Scott Morrison bought us the message. The 6th commandment instructs us to “not murder”. We can all agree that taking a human life is wrong. This message looks at how we kill our own spiritual lives by the hatred and anger we have for one another. Scott also gives us a few practical ways to change our destructive thought patterns towards one another.

Exodus 20:13

What kind of stone?

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church, Pastor Jaime talked about God’s people crossing the Red Sea…with a little help from The LORD. God is about to bring them into a new Relationship with himself. The questions we have to ask ourselves is this….What kind of stone is Jesus for you? A stumbling stone, or a precious stone?

Exodus 14

Who is God? Why should I listen to Him?

This past Saturday night at Refuge, our Lead Teacher Brian talked about Moses’ confrontation with the Pharaoh of Egypt. Moses tells Pharaoh to let God’s people free from slavery. Pharaoh has an interesting response — ‘Who is God? And why should I listen to him?’ That’s the same question we all have to ask ourselves. How do you respond?

Exodus 5 – 12

How Soon We Forget

Saturday night at Refuge Church, we started a new series on Exodus: God’s people have been sin Egypt for over 400 years. The people of Egypt have forgotten Joseph and what he did for their county and have now enslaved God’s people. It seems as though He has forgotten them, but God is about to raise up a man named Moses to rescue them from their bondage. Do you ever forget about God? Don’t worry, He never forgets about you.

Exodus 1 & 2