Gospel of John: The Habit of Prayer

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church was a holy night. A night set apart from our regular worship gatherings, as we looked the perhaps the holiest words in the New Testament, a prayer of Jesus just before his death on the cross. In John 17, we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between God the Son to God the Father.

And, we began a new habit of prayer together as a church. A commitment to pray together morning, noon and night. Listen to the full message (we also included the worship time at the end). Then refer below for complete instructions for our daily corporate prayer time together.

John 17

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Daily Corporate Prayer (together as a church)

  • 8am // Pray for Yourself
  • 12pm // Pray for Refuge
  • 6pm // Pray for The Church

Gospel of John: The Way, Truth and Life

This past Saturday night at Refuge Church we continued in the Gospel of John. Jesus is giving a new horizon. Heaven. A place He (the creator of everything in the known universe) is going to ahead of us and preparing a room in the Father’s house for His children. A room that would make the Four Seasons look like a tent in my backyard. Thomas says … that’s great, but we don’t know how to get there. Jesus responds … I am the way, and the truth and the life.

The Gospel of John: Chapter 14

Gospel of John: One Flock

This past Saturday night at Refuge.Church we continued our study through John’s Gospel as we looked at Chapter 10; Jesus final public teaching.

The illustration of sheep and shepherd has become so familiar to most of us, that its power. We hear Psalm 23 and we feel comforted, yet if we’re honest most of us struggle in submitting to a Shepherd, who desires access to every aspect of our lives.

We don’t HAVE TO follow a shepherd … we GET TO. It’s a perspective shift that can be life changing. Our Shepherd didn’t come to give us a miserable existence, he came, that we might have abundant life.

John 10:1-30

2019: State of the Church

This week, we did something a little different as we we shared some of the happenings of the church including a complete financial review of 2018 (money in, money out). We looked at our largest expense, the rent for our space and how God has used that for His glory as we heard from Moms on Mission (Chelsea Hawley), Refuge for Recovery (Marc Miller) and Compassionate Friends (Lorraine Gutheim).

State of the Church: 2019

Gospel of John: Caught in the Act

This past Saturday night at Refuge.Church we continued our study through the Gospel of John, by looking at a story most believe was not included in the original gospel, nor written by John; The Woman Caught in Adultery.

She is not only caught, but caught in the act. But where is the man? What are the accusers trying to accomplish? What is the crowd thinking? What is the woman thinking? How will Jesus respond? What will be his final verdict?

John 8: The Woman Caught in Adultery

Gospel of John: Do You Want to Get Well?

This past Saturday night we continued our study through the Gospel of John as we looked at another miracle of Jesus; the healing of an invalid man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5). A man, who had been there, lying in a state of misery for 38 years. A man, who Jesus has the audacity to ask “do you want to get well?”

Why does Jesus ask that question? So he can learn, or so that this man (and all of us) can see begin to explore the depths of what it truly means to get well.

John 5